About Us

Human Coalition is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit outreach that uses new and emerging online strategies to save the lives of innocent, unborn babies. We come alongside women and men in crisis and connect them with the OFL Response center, their hometown life-affirming organizations, and mobile ultrasound units where they receive truthful, caring information.

Our mission (and the mission of our affiliated organizations) is to stop abortion in America once and for all.

Since Roe v. Wade, there have been more than 54 million abortions in America. Abortion has become an acceptable form of birth control in our country – killing more than 1.3 million pre-born babies every year. That’s an entire generation of American boys and girls that will never hear their names spoken, wish on a star, or see their mother’s smiling face.

Every day, hurting, troubled, and desperate people are turning to the Internet looking for answers. 2.1 million people search for the word “abortion” and related terms each month. While abortion is a national issue, we see another, more personal side to it: abortion is also a scared mother, an uncertain father, and a baby whose life is on the line before she is even born. The core focus of Human Coalition is to reach these men & women in their time of deepest need. We reach out with hope and honest information about life in the womb and the outcomes of an abortion. We are here to preserve the lives and stories of these at-risk babies.

With Your Help
Human Coalition only works if people who believe in what we’re doing support us. We’re grateful for one-time donations and gifts, but we also ask that you consider supporting us on a monthly basis – until we see the end of abortion in America.